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Volunteers serving food to a homeless lady

Alternative Angels

Feeding Those In Need


Alternative Angels, a Swindon-based registered charity, is dedicated to supporting our community's homeless and most vulnerable members. We provide home-cooked meals, snacks, and sandwiches, fostering a sense of belonging and offering a compassionate ear for those in need. Our mission extends beyond nourishment; we also assist individuals in accessing essential items and services.

Founded in 2016 by three friends who understood the effects of housing instability, we began by serving 15 people weekly in Swindon's Wyvern car park. Our impact steadily expanded, and even during the pandemic, we persevered. In 2022, we relocated to the warmth of the Pilgrim Centre in Swindon, where we now welcome approximately 100 people every Monday and Tuesday.

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, we are witnessing a growing demand for our services, and we remain committed to supporting those in need, helping restore their dignity, hope, and sense of community.

Volunteers at Alternative Angels celebrating the charity's 7th anniversary
Sausage and mash in tin foil trays
A young male beneficiary of Alternative Angels charity eating his meal
Snack packs ready to be served at Alternative Angels

Hot Meals Rota*:

- Cook at home

- 25 portions in foil trays

- No dietary restrictions

- Drop off meals hot

- Flexible commitment

Sandwich Rota*:

- Prepare at home

- Approx. 30 sandwiches, individually wrapped

- Flexible commitment

* Ideal for Duke of Edinburgh Award Volunteering

As a charity, we rely on ongoing fundraising to support our vital services, including purchasing food, consumables, and covering rent at the Pilgrim Centre. Your contributions make a significant difference.

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We appreciate non-perishable donations with extended shelf life to complement our hot meals and fresh healthy snacks for those experiencing homelessness:

Cereal/Protein Bars

Crisps | Biscuit Mini Packs

Tinned Hot Dogs | Pot Noodles

Soft Drinks (non-energy)

Tin Foil Trays | Paper Cups 

Wooden Forks



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